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Embroidery & Sewing Supplies:
Toll free: 1-800-321-2351
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Embroidery & Sewing Supplies:
Toll free: 1-800-321-2351, Phone: 1-816-842-7290, Fax: 1-816-474-8362


Hammer Brothers have been providing quality products and services to the embroidery and sewing industry for over 70 years! Quality production files are the key to streamlining your profits and our services will provide nothing less than 100% quality EVERY TIME.

Whether you need production perfect embroidery files or vector art - Hammer Brothers can meet your needs in less than 24 hours.

Production Perfect Embroidery* or Art Files in the Format of Your Choice
Online File Archiving for Easy Retrieval in the Future
Online Order Tracking ... Follow Your Order Through Every Step

*All embroidery orders are tailor made for the fabric requested. Sample sew out images are provided with every embroidery order at no additional charge.Please take time to review our digitizing and art services online PLUS review our catalogs to see the many products we offer at exceptional savings.

Pricing is based on turnaround time - click here to preview our affordable solutions.

We appreciate your interest in Hammer Brothers!

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